Over the years, Information Technology infrastructure has seen phenomenal developments and has reached advanced stages. Almost, all spheres of work are now run by employing the latest techniques and devices that have now become vital to running a successful business. We at First Options, offer an extensive range of general infrastructure services to our clients, helping them to maximize their business potentials.

Data Center and Structured Cabling

First Option offers excellent structured cabling services for data centers. A well structured cable system in the data center is imperative for the success of an organization as it facilitates undisrupted flow of information at different levels.
Our high quality and professional cabling services supports smooth operations and helps grow your business. With the development of MANs, LANs and WANs and the complicated network systems, the requirements for proper and structured data center cabling service is on the rise. We understand that technology is ever-changing; hence we make sure to keep ourselves updated to offer our clients with the high standard services in the data center cabling arena.

Networks & Telecom (Unified Communications)

First Option extends professional support in developing a reliable network of telecommunication by way of creating an integrating communication system in order to optimize the business process of an organization. A unified communication set up is indispensable to carry on with smooth business operations and it helps in keeping the whole organization united.
Our advanced and customized platform enables inter-operation of various communication devices, systems and applications with utmost efficiency. With First Option, businesses can extend their capabilities; improve on the central network infrastructure and provide highly valuable service to its clients.

Enterprise Computing

First Option provides end to end enterprise computing systems solutions that match with the contemporary and high-tech laptops, desktops and servers. We understand that a proper computing system is instrumental for carrying on with efficient business activities on a daily basis and strive to provide our clients with the best results possible.
Having been in this field for several years and have an efficient Enterprise Computing technology that controls and automates core business processes by carrying on important business activities like creating system data backup, data storage, scheduling of tasks, enterprise platform recovery and other functionalities with absolute efficiency. We help businesses leverage scalability, mainframe operation advantages and facilitates reduced energy consumption.

Board Room Solutions

First Option are committed towards offering our clients with superior quality Board Room Solutions with Audio/Video integration. With high-tech integrated solutions, we ensure to simplify and systemize technology in conference rooms, board rooms or anywhere you want. We simplify installations with our advanced technical support and aim at practical usage that would help maintain the integrated network and longevity.

Backed with several years of industry experience, we are able to offer the most comprehensive boardroom solutions for businesses, corporate houses and institutions.

ELV Systems

First Option offers extensive Extra Low Voltage systems capable of providing customers the best possible solution for their businesses. We offer the high-tech, extra-low voltage systems like CCTV and Access Control Solutions that excels in design and quality. These systems are easy to install and maintain, thereby helping clients carry on with their business operation smoothly. We offer efficient access control systems which include advanced fingerprint and/or retina recognition to the most simple intercom systems. First Option’s fully integrated ELV systems ensure safety at every level.

Our building management system offers exemplary security systems that would keep your workplace safe and secure from outside interferences. First Option’s high tech solutions come from an unrelentingcommitment to provide seamless, open system of security measures, life safety and other crucial controls.