Whether your business is small or large, the documents and data surrounding will keep increasing on daily basis. It is absolutely important that you have a proper and reliable storage system. An efficient storage system through software or hardware is crucial for keeping your data safe, secure, organized and easily accessible. First Option strives to provide the best and comprehensive virtualized storage solutions that maximize the storage space manifolds.

The virtualized storage solutions suggested by our team would be in-built with high tech integration system using some of the best, advanced platforms. It facilitates automated, seamless usage of data without any hassles.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization solution enables users to gain access to any application virtually and helps retain the personalized setting even at the instance of changing the device with the settings. Our highly efficient system enables smooth operation of business from anywhere one wants. The comprehensive platform provides for a central infrastructure for better management of data.

Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization helps running different types of software efficiently without having to pre-install them. The centrally managed application configuration is functions separately and does not depend on the operating system to perform. It also helps businesses function quickly by way of fast deployment of applications and does not require them to spend time on testing compatibilities.

Datacenter Virtualization

An efficient Datacenter virtualization system is crucial for maintaining the overall storage needs of An efficient Datacenter virtualization system is crucial for maintaining the overall storage requirements of data in an organization. Datacenter Virtualization is an advanced platform that helps unifying, computing, storing, managing and networking in an integrated manner. The platform simplifies the data storage need and speeds up the business processes.

San and Nas Solutions

First Option offers SAN and NAS storage solutions to all types of businesses across the world be it small or large sized businesses. The advanced features of Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage enables organizations with file storage, FTP access and block stage storage. The networked solution provides businesses with more room for storing data effectively and in an organized manner.

Backup and Recovery Solutions

Having a reliable Backup and Recovery solutions is vital for running any type of businesses. An efficient data recovery system could help run your business even in the most critical, emergency conditions. First Option will provide you with the best backup and recovery solutions in the market which will protect important data and increase the overall business operational efficiency by improving recovery process, bringing down the infrastructure and backup time to a considerable level.