First Option help businesses enforce an efficient, pro-active security system, keeping business priorities as the primary aspect. Businesses having a safe and secure infrastructure help stay ahead and gain a winning edge over its competitors in the market.We at, First Option, understand the importance of a safe and secure IT network for your business.

As business expand and develop, the necessity to exchange information with employees, customers and vendor increases and so does the threats to integrity and confidentiality. In order to tackle the situation effectively businesses should employ advanced safety and security features in case of advanced technology usage like analytics and cloud computing. First Option can provide the best and advanced safety and security support to your businesses enabling it to stay competitive in the market.

Endpoint Protection

First Option understand that network protection for the safe and smooth operation of a digital business. We ensure to focus on end point security by making sure that each and every computing device on the work space complies with the high level security standards before providing access to the network. Our integrated and streamlined end point security offers protection against any types of internal and external threats that may arise in the course of business operations.


UTMs and Next Generation Firewalls

At First Option,we understand the importance of keeping your network safe and secure from malicious sources. We offer ultimate security by providing next generation firewall protection to web connections, emails, networks and applications. Our comprehensive security solution offers complete protection through web, mobile and email encryption. First Option ensure security and wireless network protection from advanced web threats are handled with efficiency.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

First Option caters to complete protection to both simple as well as advanced threats. Our effective system solutions block viruses from getting through vulnerable areas of the network. The extensive feature that we offer helps monitor and control many types of threats including protocol decoders, one arm IPS mode, IPS sensors and many such areas.

Device Control

At First Option, we ensure to provide our clients with a conclusive and reliable device control modules that enables monitoring, controlling and obstructing USB storage devices for Windows, Mac and Linux. We ensure to protect your business from dangerous threats like data loss and ensure to keep the network secure from malicious attacks.

File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring is an effective security system that is crucial for maintaining tight security for Microsoft Windows network. It monitors Windows-based devices, servers, laptops and desktops. Details regarding any changes made to the files, be it addition, deletion or modification, is immediately notified to the concerned authority through email.

Patch Management

First Option offers complete patch management system which facilitates automatic updates to remote computers, servers and applications with the latest security mandates. We offer an effective patch management system that ensure to check for any sort of discrepancies and updates the current security system with anything new or latest that has emerged in the field.

Penetration Testing

First Option’s Penetrating Testing services helps spotting the weaker areas in the network and stop the attack at the earliest stage possible. We have in-depth knowledge on the design, development and implementation of various penetration techniques and strive to provide our clients with the absolute protection when it comes to security. Our penetration testing helps safeguards your business against unwanted lawsuits, business reputation damages, financial issues and much other crucial areas.